Refined woman, LUNASOL.

LUNA : Moon   SOL : Sun

When the moon goes up to sleep
and the sunrises...

Putting on makeup every morning
can be regarded
as a ritual designed to bring
out your refinement.


LUNASOL’s Make Up Method : 1“Well Groomed Skin”

This is why LUNASOL thinks the process is so important. Breathe life onto the sponge and let the makeup melt into your skin as you feel its touch.

LUNASOL’s Make Up Method : 2"Light and shadow”

Draping your face in light and shadow, carefully put the makeup you need on the areas of your face that require it. The deep comfort of this sensation is a return to your true self.

LUNASOL’s Make Up Method : 3“Creating the Facial Structure”

As you take each step, your skin radiates a graceful air, and colors begin to have a crisp clarity as the structure of your face emerges.

Your spirit will feel purified

It is as if the makeup is purifying all of your facial features. You will find that your spirit feels purified as soon as you finish applying the makeup --- This is LUNASOL’s Purifying Makeup.