Create the base of the eyes


Create shadow


Define eyes


Creating beautiful eyelashes




Create the base of the eyes

Use the eyelid base to clear any dullness, and frame your eyes using eyeliner.


EYELID BASESetting the tone for the eyes

Clear the dullness

First, use the eyelid base to revive any dull areas around your eyes. Place the base on your finger and apply a thin layer along the upper eyelid, where you had not applied the foundation. The key to apply the eyelid base without smearing is to slide your finger over the skin. If your skin feels sticky, press gently with your fingers so that the base holds.

Using the eyelid base helps the eye shadow to spread more smoothly, with better color and superior hold.

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EYELINERGiving shape to your eye

Draw a baseline to define the shape of the eyes

Use the pencil eyeliner to draw the baseline along your eyelids. Draw a line from the outer corner to the inner corner of your eye, carefully filling in spaces between your eyelashes. The key is to move the pencil gradually in short strokes instead of drawing the line in one stroke. Use the same technique to draw a line one-third of the way along the lower eyelid, from the outside toward the center.

Shape the outer corners of the eyes

Once you have drawn the lines, finish the area around the outer corners of your eyes using the tip of the other end of the pencil eyeliner.
Lightly brush your lower eyelid in the same manner.

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Create shadows around the eyes

Bring out the beauty of your features by creating natural shadows around your eyes with the highlight color, medium color, main color, and shadow color.


EYE SHADOWBrighten your eyes
with highlight color

Take up some highlight color on a large brush and use the back of your hand to adjust the amount of powder. Apply the powder to your eyelid, focusing the light in the center, as if covering the entire eyelid by the brush. Also apply it lightly to your brow and the area under your eyes.


EYE SHADOWDefine the eyes
with medium color

Take up some medium color on the brush and apply it to the upper eyelid crease. Define the eyes by brushing it along the crease from the inner and outer corners of your eye to the center.


EYE SHADOWReveal color and depth
with main color

Using a smaller brush, apply the main color about the width of double-edged eyelid from the outer corner of your eye to give your eye an added definition. Create natural shadows by layering the medium and main colors.

For more vivid colors, use the tip instead of the brush.


EYE SHADOWCreate deeper shadows
with shadow color

Using a smaller brush or the tip, apply the shadow color along the length of your eye, from the outer to the inner corner. Add greater definition to your eyelid by layering over the line drawn with the pencil eyeliner. Use the thin tip to give colors greater depth. Also shade one-third of your lower eyelid starting from the outer corner of your eye, and blur slightly.

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Define your eyes with lines

Defined lines are essential for the perfect Purifying Makeup:choose from liquid liner and pencil liner.Each eyeliner allows you to define your look in a different way.

Liquid liner


Draw a line with the liquid liner from the outer and inner corners of your eye toward the center, and then finish the line by moving toward the outer corner. Draw a fine line along the lashline to define your eyes more clearly and give greater depth to your look. Angle the brush slightly for beautiful lines.

Pencil liner


Draw a line from the outer and inner corners of your eye toward the center, following the base of your eyelashes and filling in the spaces between your lashes. Use the tip to draw out the outer corner of your eye.

The pencil liner is especially good for lines that fade softly.

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Creating beautiful eyelashes

Reveal the beauty of your eyes effectively by using mascara and mascara base for long, thick eyelashes.


EYELASH CURLERCreate beautiful curves

Use the eyelash curler to curl your lashes upward. Position the curler at the root of your eyelashes, and then turn your hand two or three times toward the tips of your lashes to create the curl. Hold a mirror underneath your eyes so that you can see the line of your eyelashes.

Repeat the process in gradual stages to get the dimensional look even when seen from the side.
This will give your eyelashes the beautiful curve.

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MASCARA BASECreate length and volume

If your eyelashes are fine or sparse, use mascara base to give them body and volume. Apply the mascara base from the roots to the tips of your eyelashes.


MASCARACreate a sense of presence

at the roots, separate each eyelash completely by moving the brush from side to side. For your lower eyelashes, hold the brush vertically and move it from side to side.

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Shape the eyebrows

The color and shape of your eyebrows affect the look of your entire face. Refine your look by star ting with the natural features of your eyebrows.


EYEBROW PENCILDefine the length of your eyebrows

Use the screw brush to give shape to your eyebrows, and then use the eyebrow pencil to fill any sparse areas and shape the ends. Define the length of your eyebrows with the pencil, going from the arch to the outer edge of the eyebrows, and against the direction of the hair from the arch to the inner edge.


EYEBROW POWDERDrawing in a gentle shape for your eyebrows

Use eyebrow powder to create definition and body, and to accentuate the natural flow of the eyebrows. Gently shade to create a natural finish.


EYEBROW MASCARAMatch your eyebrow color to your hair

Balance the color of your hair and eyebrows using eyebrow mascara that matches your hair color. First, apply the mascara from the outer corner of your eyebrow toward the inner corner, against the direction of the hairs. Then, apply the eyebrow mascara from the inner to the outer corner and comb your hair to set the flow.

Using mascara gives your eyebrows a sense of flow and sets them in place.

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