A five-color eyebrow powder set that redefines dimensionality
for the eye area.
The gradation from beige to brown blends with your skin tone,
and allows you to create colors for the look you want.
Use as eye shadow or eyeliner to create three-dimensionality over the entire eye area with one palette.

1 type

  • 01 Natural Brown


  • A Light: Adds natural brightness.
  • B Neutral: The beige color blends with the skin creating a natural shading effect.
  • C Medium: Natural brown ideal for drawing the entire eyebrow.
  • D Shade: Adds depth with a soft coloration.
  • E Dark: Adds definition with a soft coloration.

  1. Use the screw-type bristles to remove any residual foundation or powder from the eyebrows and set them in one direction.
  2. Using the angled-brush, blend C with B and D, and then draw both eyebrows starting at the center.
  3. Using the angled-brush, blend D and E to draw the outer ends and center parts of the eyebrows for a three-dimensional look.
  4. Using the round-cut brush, blend B with A and C to draw the inner ends of the eyebrows.

For nose contouring:

  1. Blend B with A and C to adjust the color before applying on the nose using the provided round-cut brush.

For eye shadow:

  1. Apply A over the entire the eyelids using the provided round-cut brush.
  2. Blend B and C then apply from the lash lines toward the hollow of the eyes using the provided round-cut brush.
  3. Apply D along the lash lines using the provided angled-brush.
  4. Apply E along the lash lines as if drawing lines using the provided angled-brush.